We are Able to Provide You With

Skilled Nursing Services                                                                                                              Speech Therapy Services
*Observation and assessment for unstable conditions                                                                   *Establishment of exercises to correct speech and /or swallowing difficulties, such as post 

*Medical regimen management                                                                                                        stroke, Parkinsonism, tracheotomy etc.
*Diabetic or Stasis Ulcer
*Teaching and monitoring of medications
*Wound Care / Wound V.A.C. / Venipuncture                                                                               
Occupational Therapy Services
*Certified Wound / Ostomy / Continence Nurse ( W.O.C.N )                                                         *Establish plan of care for difficulties with fine motor movements and coordination of

*Insertion and care of Catheters / Feeding Tube                                                                             activities of daily living, such as dressing, feeding and relearning skills, etc.
*IV Therapy and TPN Therapy
*Training in Kalypto negative wound therapy dressings                                                                 
Medical Social Worker Services
                                                                                                                                                         *Services are usually initiated on an individual basis when there is a concern for the
Home Health Aide Services                                                                                                            client’s economic, environmental or personal safety status that affects the client’s
*Assistance with personal care and activities of daily living                                                              medical condition. They can assist the client in obtaining community program benefits.
*Aide services are supervised by the Registered Nurse

                                                                                                                                                         Home Medical Equipment
Physical Therapy Services                                                                                                           
*The agency can assist the client in obtaining the prescribed durable medical equipment
*Training to use walker, cane, or wheelchair, etc.                                                                              as ordered by the physician within established guidelines of client’s insurance policy.
*Performing therapeutic exercises to strengthen or increase movement
*Performing treatment as physician prescribed
*Safety evaluation & exercises
*Home Program establishment

Who is Eligible for Home Health Care?
 * Home bound due to physical or mental condition.

 * Recently discharged from a hospital  additional treatment such as physical therapy, wound care, diabetic care.

 * Clients or caregivers who need to be taught about their medications, illness, and treatments provided.

 * Clients with limited physical and/or mental capacities needing assistance with activities of daily living in addition to skilled services.

* Clients with changes in physical and/or mental status requiring nursing assessment.