To provide home health services guided by comprehensive quality client/family centered home health care in their residence.
To educate the client in order that they can make informed choices and decisions about home health services relative to their self-defined unique needs.
To involve the client, and family in the client plan of care whenever possible.
To inform the client regarding community support services.
To serve as a resource for client, family and community.
To provide a comprehensive education program in order to provide home health care staff members with current health care information.

Our mission at Unity Homecare is to assist clients in meeting their health care needs within the home care setting and to treat all client, families and caregivers with dignity and respect to their individual rights.  The Unity Homecare interdisciplinary team, under the direction of the physician, works with the client to establish a plan of care to meet the individual needs of the client.  Unity Homecare provides safe, care/service in a financially responsible, ethical, and confidential manner.  The Board of Directors and entire staff are committed to continually improving all areas of the agency’s service.  Unity Homecare employees highly trained professionals and provides ongoing education to keep abreast of changes in health care techniques.  Unity Homecare focuses on assisting the client to return to optimum health and how to maintain this level within the home setting.



The following objectives provide specific tasks to achieve the home health program goals.
*Promote the patient's participation in their home care program goal setting and actively directed toward optimal health independence.
*Develop and maintain a relationship with affiliate medical center that promotes quality patient care services.
*Explore and establish new programs in home care that would further expand and diversify
*Provide clear guideline for each new service of the home care program including clinical, operational, marketing, and financial expectations.
*Maintain, continue to develop and provide comprehensive personnel screening and in service programs utilizing the agency's resources and expertise.
*Promote the ongoing education of personnel to upgrade skills and knowledge.
*Make available to consumers mechanisms for providing feedback on services provided by the agency.
*Encourage an atmosphere, which allows personnel to feel valued and encourages them to contribute to the successful operations of the Agency Home Care Program.